SixFix™ Hexapod External Fixation System*

The SixFix™ Hexapod External Fixation System is a circular external fixator consisting of two rings and a pre-assembled component with six variable-length struts.

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The SixFix™ Hexapod fully extended to the length most like a fully-extended TSF Long strut.

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The SixFix™ Hexapod fully collapsed to the length most like the TSF XXS strut.

The innovative strut design of the SixFix™ Hexapod enables one strut to provide the same functionality as the nine different Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF)™ struts. This single feature is the foundational element of the SixFix™ Hexapod that:

  • Can motivate surgeons to convert from the TSF because of the incredible ease-of-use advantage of both hardware and software;
  • Will generate a great deal of enthusiasm from the sales force when they experience how much less effort the Hexapod requires to sell and support;
  • Enables the system to be fully launched and supported with an inventory level that is a fraction of the quantity of units required by traditional designs;
  • Results in high volume production runs of an optimized design to make it affordable to manufacture.

Post-op strut changes are virtually eliminated since the SixFix™ Hexapod strut can expand from the length of the TSF’s XXS to the TSF’s Long without removing the strut from the frame. This unique and patented capability does away with the time-consuming process of selecting the most appropriate strut size for a particular patient.

™Trademark of Smith & Nephew. Reg. US Pat. & TM Off.

Compact design enables conveniently-sized sterile packaging.

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The strut assembly folds neatly into a compact unit. The SixFix™ Hexapod is sterile-packaged and preassembled for quick and easy tool-free connection to any size ring. There is no need for back table assembly.

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Simply unfold the pre-assembled unit and attach the rings.

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Creating the strut configuration for the SixFix™ Hexapod is as simple as opening a folding lawn chair.

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No tools are required to attach the rings.

After unfolding the SixFix™ Hexapod strut assembly, attach it to the rings using only your fingers by tightening the fiducial sphere. A wrench is used for final tightening.