Introducing The Mini-Rail Fixator System

Providing Versatility of Function and a Single System Adaptable for Diverse Anatomic Conditions

A Stable Solution

The Mini-Rail Fixator is a unilateral external fixator that provides a stable solution for fractures, for lengthening of bones and for correcting deformities.

Advanced Features

The design provides advanced features to address complex cases yet also offers basic components for those cases that are less complicated or require a higher degree of affordability.

Low Profile

The AMDT Mini-Rail is versatile yet always lightweight and low-profile.

The components of the Mini-Rail Fixator consist of:

  • A Fixation Rail,
  • Three different designs of Traveling Clamp that can transport along the Fixation Bar,
  • Three different designs of End Clamp and,
  • A threaded hole at each end of the rail to secure an end clamp and may be integrated into future development concepts,
  • Screws of a variety of lengths and diameters from 1.6mm to 3.0mm are provided to effectively stabilize bone segments of different sizes and shapes.

Multiple fixation clamps can be arranged on the rail and move independently of one another such that compression can be applied at one location and distraction at another on the same rail.